Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spirit Day 2011

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Everyone Is Vulnerable

XOXO Honey Bii

It's Complicat ed

Hello to you & this in advance for hearing me out in regards to this situation.

I started dating a woman 2 years ago and we got along very well. Soon she started to withdraw from me in different aspects of my life. I didn't know why until I asked her out of pure anger. She informed me that she couldn't be with me b/c I had no job (i.e i was fresh out of college) and that I couldn't provide for her like her previous gf. Her friends would tell her that I am not good b/c I am not the typical stud that pretend to be a male figure in the relationship. But as soon as she informed me of her not being happy of not having a job, I got one and started the process of getting my life together. So after that we can go our separate ways as far as relationship but can still have the friendship. I am very mellow person and I tried to be her friend, but every time we would interact with one another it would lead to something sexual or us fighting. So then I decided to cut it off completely and just handle my business and become a better me. However, we run in a similar circle. I do speak to her, but whenever shes in a drunken state she always seems to want to talk or wanna kiss me. I recently, found out that her and ex gf from before are an item. This ex gf left her in pieces and got married to another girl for a year. I want to know what is logic behind her actions??

Situation number 2 ties into the the first part. So I am gay social networking site and this lady introduces herself to me and we get to talking. Something in the back of mind tells me, "Why does the woman wanna talk to me out of the blue without me putting forth the effort". I gave her the benefit of the doubt and we started talkin and we do have great deal in common and she makes me laugh a lot. The only catch is that she is the woman that was married to my ex girlfriend exs wife. Do you think she knew that I was in a relationship with her ex wife's current gf? Do you think I should continue to commuicate with this woman??

Signed, Complicated.

Thank you so much for reaching out. 

I don't think that this needs a long letter. DON'T DO IT. It seems to me that you are a reasonable/sound person. I do not understand how under any circumstance that you would think this is ok. Of course this new woman knows exactly who you are. It sounds like both of you are hurt and looking to each other for support. Please do better. There are a million people on this earth for a reason. So that we do not have to recycle each other. 

P.S. Don't worry about why your ex girl friend has decided to go back to her ex. You need to move on. Let them be together in whatever capacity that they choose and better yourself. 

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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hey there,

I'm a big fan of your channel. I love your positivity and inspiration to just be who you are but I have a huge dilemma that I hope you or your partner could help me out with. I'm a lesbian with a 6yr old kid and I haven't had an issue with anyone that I dated that was insecure with me being cordial with my sons father who happens to be my ex husband we been divorce since 2008 but I separated from him in 2006. Anyways my girlfriend of 1year and some months hates the fact that I answer the phone when he calls for my son she rather me just give my son the phone without saying hello or anything. We have broken up many of time over this same issue and this last break up was the worst.she completely move out of our apartment and a lot of our family was involved it was a big mess. She said that she is willing to work on our relationship only if I agree to not answer the phone when he calls just to give the phone to my son. I told her that I am even willing to get my son a phone of his own. I have before and I don't mind doing it again at this point I'm confused cause everyone I talk to that have kids or been in the same situation tells me that it's not worth fighting for just to walk away but I love her so much and don't see myself with no one else. She is truly my soul mate.I'm finally over my sons father and everything that he did to me while we was married and the aftermath but she doesn't think that I am.. I seen the video with your partner and she mention that she had a 10 year daughter. So I was wondering has she ever had to deal with someone she was with not be secure with her being cordial or answering the phone when child's father called and if so did she leave or work it out.

XOXO Honey Bii