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Ingrown Hairs

I just watched your absolutely 100% amazing youtube video on this subject. I am mixed race with thick curly hair, my mum is white so she hasn't got this problem however for me I do. I shave and I get bad ingrown hairs about 5 days after shaving! Can you give me the best idea on what I should do, I have tried waxing but I also came out in ingrown hairs! Thank you

I think that the best thing that you can do is use an electric trimmer. Those work the best when waxing and shaving causes issues. Make sure to get the ingrown hairs out. They will only continue to get worse. I suggest that you use a needle to gently get them from under the surface. When you do that DON'T pluck them. Let the skin around heal, then trim the hair down.

Thank you soo much for replying, I have been looking for a cure for ages! I heard you say you have 'and awesome bikini line' how do you do it? What do you use, and do! I have a epilator with a trimming bit to put on it should I use that!? 

I personally use an electric clipper. That works best for me. It gets it nice and close without irritation. 
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Booooo to seizures. Yesssssss to true love. I am feeling great and optimistic. Renata has been my rock.

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