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Mr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, may you rest in peace. 

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Deciding to spend Thanksgiving alone. I'm doing a 24hr meditation. I've never really believed in holidays. It's all about spending unnecessary money anyway.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Love Does Not Equal Hate

Marinate on this one. How easy is it to criticize and tell what you don't like about a person?

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These boots always make me feel better.

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New Beginnings

Every day is a chance for a new beginning. Today I celebrate my new birth. I have been given a chance to wash the "slate" clean. I plan to embrace the new and all of its joy!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

This is the song that I want to have my first dance to. It captured me from the first sentence. 

So many times you could have walked away
But I didn't have to say a word to convince you to stay

'Cause you know it and I know this thing is real
So we continue to learn and our love grows deeper still
Each day I watch you get better at this
Each moment I'm more and more convinced
We trust in love, we took the risk
We ran our own pace, we won our race
And I could never turn away
We've come so far
Stars look up at you, baby
My heart belongs
Right here next to you, baby
If I had just one wish it would be to stay together
Stay together, let's grow together
It's not much to ask of us, I know we can do it
I always knew it
Always look at me the way you do today
Treat me like a friend, listen to what I say
'Cause, girl, I'm with you, with you all the way
And I would never turn away
We've come so far
Stars look up at you, baby
My heart belongs
Right here next to you, baby
We've come so far
Stars look up at you, baby
My heart belongs
Right here next to you, baby
Always comfort me the same way you do today
Treat me like a friend, listen to what I say, say
Oh yeah, I could never turn away, no
We've come so far
Stars look up at you, baby
My heart belongs
Right here next to you, baby
We've come so far
Stars look up at you, baby
My heart belongs
Right here next to you, baby
We've come so far
Stars look up at you, baby
My heart belongs
Right here next to you, baby

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Congrats to OPRAH!

Today, Oprah joined fellow luminaries Ben Bradlee, Bill Clinton, Gloria Steinem and more at the White House as they received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The award is the highest honor the nation can give a civilian.

Read more:

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Who Cares Now?

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Battle On When To Give Up

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Are you stronger than your mistakes? How will you know if you never try to be better. When it gets hard, work harder.

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This is life. It is how you get over them that counts!

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

25 Things You Keep In Your Life That Are Only Holding You Back

1. The phone numbers of people that never, ever call you or text you first, and often don’t even respond when you text them.
2. Mean or uncomfortable exchanges with people — either in your text or internet history — that you occasionally go over and re-read because they make you feel angry and terrible all over again.
3. Subscriptions to online stores that you can’t afford, and which send you tons of emails and texts about the sales you should not be spending money on.
4. Bitterness over the things that your friends or coworkers have, that you might not be able to afford or have time for.
5. Expectations about having “the perfect” significant other, or someone who is going to make you feel better about yourself/fix your problems in a way you’re not able to do on your own.
6. Facebook friendships with exes that you have no interest in talking to again, and only keep around so you can occasionally stalk their new significant other.
7. Facebook friendships with people you don’t really know, don’t care about, and who post ridiculous things that always make you roll your eyes.
8. The idea that you have to keep up with all of your friends professionally, even if you don’t want the same things or have the same backgrounds, just so that you can impress them on social media or at parties.
9. Roommates who don’t respect your personal space.
10. Subscriptions to magazines that make you feel ugly, fat, poor, and unstylish.
11. Friends who only like to hang out with you or keep their plans when it involves drinking and spending a lot of money, and who otherwise aren’t that interested in being around you or hearing what you have to say.
12. A sense of entitlement about the amount of material things you think you deserve in life, especially when it’s much, much more than you need to be safe and comfortable.
13. Desire for name-brand and the latest version of everything, even when the generic brand or off-brand is just as good, or when you could get the item at an outlet store as long as you were willing to wait a season.
14. Pictures of you where you think that you look so much better in, and that you torture yourself with by looking at every day when you are feeling particularly ugly.
15. All of the old clothes and accessories that you no longer wear or use, which just clutter up your closet, and could easily be donated to people who would actually use them.
16. Junk food that you know you’re going to binge-eat if you keep in your cabinet or refrigerator.
17. People who constantly make weird comments about superficial things that make you feel really self-conscious.
18. The idea that you need to go to a coffee shop on the way to work every morning to get breakfast/coffee, when you could just as easily take two minutes to prepare things yourself most days and save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year.
19. Shame over the amount of debt you are living with.
20. Memories of the time that you label “the best time of your life,” which makes you consciously feel as though everything else you do won’t compare or will just be part of an overall downward slope.
21. Old medicine from when you had a minor surgery or dental procedure, which you will now just take recreationally even though you know that’s a terrible idea.
22. Resentment for your friends who are in happy relationships, because part of you feels like them having love success somehow means that there is less hope out there for you.
23. The idea that the amount of work you can do is directly correlated with how much time you spend at the office or how long you spend working at home. (A work-life balance, or being able to do more work in an efficient amount of time, is way more important than putting in overly long hours.)
24. Family members who make you feel terribly about yourself, who contribute nothing to your life, and whose only connection to you is genetics at this point.
25. Love for people who will never love you back, no matter how much energy you devote to caring about them and wondering what they’re doing at this moment.

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Vulnerability With Stacey

Everyday we evolve into a better person! Please make sure to subscribe Stacey's awesome Youtube channel!

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Family rejuvenates the soul.

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Daring Greatly

People how often are we afraid to be vulnerable? Try it. Keep in mind being vulnerable does not guarantee the outcome you always hope for. What you will get every time is a sense of greatness! Live on purpose.

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Monday, September 30, 2013


If you can ignore love for just one day, learn to ignore that love for a lifetime. A genuine heart cannot ignore its true love.


Friday, September 6, 2013

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Words and Intentions

Stop mistaking life lessons for soul mates. True love exists. Never doubt that being in love requires passion.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013


Find your peace within. Evil is alive and well. Do not let negativity steal your joy.

-Honey Bii

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Expectations are premeditated resentment!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Better Person

If I said that I am the mature "woman" that I want to as of now. I know for sure that I am short changing my future.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


When someone tells you they are happy, believe them.

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Monday, April 8, 2013


Hello Spring,

You make me happy.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hi, Honey Bii!

I'm not sure how yours or Renata's transition was in post-coming out phase and maybe/not you can relate.  I'm confused because I've been attracted to femmes and studs. I had been a tomboy growing up, but during my college years when I moved close to religious high-rolling pentecostal fam, I was more or less guilt tripped into becoming and dressing "ladylike" I did what I was told b/c I want to be a good Christian woman.  Half way in college, I said screw it and left the scene as I was becoming depressed and felt condemned.  I don't really identify as femme but i also lack the "stud presence"/personality.  Anyhow, I met one particular stud (who is now a Trans man) in my college that totally turned my head &  feelings upside down. I deeply admired the masculinity he expressed, and I craved to express my own female masculinity just as  good.  And it was almost like love at first sight, although I quickly deducted that the person was emotionally insecure with codependent tendencies that prompted everyone around him (even to this day) to constantly affirm their affection and admiration for him and everything he does. That part was a huge turn off because I love strong personalities, people who are confident and able to formulate their own thoughts and convictions. I saw none of that in him; in fact, he was more interested in himself and the amount of attention he gets than to be interested in important issues like politics, etc. Fast forward to now: I've graduated few years back and trying to figure out my lgbt identity.  A common friend on fB posted a picture of the two of them and the moment I saw his face, the butterflies came back. I know that being together isn't an option, and even if it were, I can't handle his lack of dept and I could never see myself with him. Knowing this, I don't understand how and what I feel for the person. Funny thing, he gives me a flashback of the Jocks from high school, the perpetual immature ppl who live in a bubble of perceived popularity and nothing more. I couldn't stand those kids back then or now. So, I'm thinking that in my post-coming out phase, I immediately went back to that space that harbors undefined emotions for him, forcing me to ask more questions about my own identity and the kind of person I want to be with. I'm confused... what is it that I'm missing here? Sorry for the long winded questions. Where do I go from here in terms of self definition and what's these things I feel about this person?


Wow! You have a story to tell. Thank you for taking the time to share. 

This is what I know for sure... We are the only creatures on Earth who do not follow their instincts. For example, all animals in nature RUN away from danger yet humans WELCOME it. If you know that you cannot fully accept this person, then why torment yourself? It seems like an infatuation. You can name many things that turn you off. Keep this in mind, all of the things that you dislike about her makes her comfortable and she should be able to express herself however she wants. Your judgement/ instincts should be listened to. 

I think that you need to work on yourself before you can be with anyone fully. There is no greater love that you can get anywhere else. Don't be so caught up on labels and definitions on what you should be. You can only do yourself unjust if you continue to do so. It is totally normal to be attracted to "femmes" and "studs". At the end of the day we are all women. 

I hope that this helps some. 
XOXO Honey Bii

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Urgent! I'm So Confused, Help Me!

Hi Honey Bii!

It started out in middle school (Im a junior in highschool now), and I liked this girl named Kilah, we "dated" in 7th grade and it was lowkey, some people knew about it but I was always ashamed for it! Then I thought well hmm, I heard everyone goes through that kind of phase where they just want to experiment, so I ignored that emotion towards girls for a awhile. Well, my freshman year in highschool, I met a girl named Nakayla, and we got super close, I thought she was very pretty when I first saw her as well. Well, I still didn't know how to feel! I still had these emotions but something inside me was still telling me it's going to go away soon, just ignore it! So I ignored it, and then we kissed before I left that school and changed schools, and it was emotional, and different.. I loved it. And then I switched schools, and this school is not the same like my last one. The last school I Went to, was very open, and had different kinds of people, it didn't matter what you looked like or if you were gay, nobody cared.
But this school, was different, if you weren't rich, or pretty, you were not going to get anywhere. Gays, have it hard at this school. Now, my sophomore year, I became bestfriends with this girl, Carly, she's a lesbian as well, and we are still to this day bestfriends. And she always told me she liked me, but for some reason I didn't feel the same way about her. Well, I thought the feeling had gone away you know? Because I was telling myself it would.. and I thought it did, until now. I'm a junior, in a relationship with my boyfriend for 15 months now. I just became really good friends with a girl named Brooke. We hit it off pretty well, and by that I mean we got along from the start super well! it's crazy, how much we have in common. And she is a lesbian too. But guess what? The feelings came back, and I'm getting major feelings for her, and I have NO IDEA what to do.. I'm confused emotionaly and physically. What do I do? Is it normal to be confused like this? Because I have no clue... I really think I like this girl. If I've had this feeling since middle school.. I don't think I should ignore it any more.
Feel free to share my story if you think others would be able to relate to this situation!
And PLEASE get back to me, I'm so lost. and I need help.
With love

I apologize for the delay. Thank you so much for taking the time to write.

I know this for sure, you have a lot of time to figure out your sexuality. Don't be in a rush to figure things out. Your youth is on your side. It is totally normal to feel confused and frustrated. I know this for sure also, you DO NOT... I repeat DO NOT have to sleep with people to figure out your sexuality. 

Take your time to evaluate who you are. Just because you are attracted to this girl, that does not make you a Lesbian. To me, sexuality is fluid and labels are not necessary. It is totally normal to be attracted to a person and not their gender. Maybe you can try talking to someone that you know and trust about the situation. 

I hope that this helps some.
XOXO Honey Bii

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Friday, January 25, 2013


Love is honest in it's purest form.
Love sometimes hurts, but it also heals all wounds.
Love makes you do better, because you know better.
Being in Love and loving someone is different.
Love makes your mind wonder.
Love controls you.
Love takes you to a higher place.
Love is you.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

President Obama 2013 Inauguration Ball

This is going to be a day that I never forget. 

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