Sunday, June 26, 2011

Studs Dating Fem Guys and Transsexuals

Hey Honey Bii,

Hi I'm one of your subscribers from youtube. I think you are a great person that has a humble soul I don't know if you can ask me this question or not but I live in ATL... Why is it that I see A LOT of Studs dating fem gay guys and transsexuals? Is this a trend? Or is a new version of sexuality? IDK I've just never seen this before. I've asked you because you have more insight than I do.

Hey there! That is a very interesting relationship dynamic. I haven't seen a lot of that to be honest. If I could take a guess at it, I think that they are enabling each other. Meaning, they are allowed to switch "roles" and still be in a heterosexual relationship. For example, if the stud wants to dominate the relationship but does not want to date women then she would turn to a gay submissive man for that satisfaction. Vice versa for the submissive gay man.
Honey Bii

What you say sounds like they might be enabling each other. That's make a lot of sense. Well, I've heard that they don't really switch roles I've heard that the fem gay guys are the ones to get strapped. I've asked that question because I've been seeing that a lot here in the ATL. I've looked for it on youtube and I found a lot of people been seeing that. I knew I wasn't losing my mind.

Thanks for answering my question

Switch roles meaning the dude gets strapped and the female is the dominant one. Exactly. They get the best of both worlds. 

Honey Bii


I would say my relationship with my girlfriend is different as well because she's a transsexual woman, and we don't 'switch roles.' I'm the man and she's the woman. Most people don't understand our relationship. I consider myself a straight guy because I'm attracted to women and trans women and not men & masculinity. To me, if a man is attracted to masculinity he's gay rather than genitalia to me, and vice versa. I know people will still label me as gay though, but not necessarily because most people see us as a straight couple when we are together. I know it's kinda complicated. 

Thanks for sharing. You do have a unique relationship. It's great that you don't get to caught up on labels. Do whatever makes you happy. Love has no sexuality or is specific to a gender. 

XOXO Honey Bii 

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