Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bikini Hair Removal

3 ways to take care of your bikini line.

1. Shaving
2. Hair Removal Cream
3. Waxing

XOXO Honey Bii

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Studs Dating Fem Guys and Transsexuals

Hey Honey Bii,

Hi I'm one of your subscribers from youtube. I think you are a great person that has a humble soul I don't know if you can ask me this question or not but I live in ATL... Why is it that I see A LOT of Studs dating fem gay guys and transsexuals? Is this a trend? Or is a new version of sexuality? IDK I've just never seen this before. I've asked you because you have more insight than I do.

Hey there! That is a very interesting relationship dynamic. I haven't seen a lot of that to be honest. If I could take a guess at it, I think that they are enabling each other. Meaning, they are allowed to switch "roles" and still be in a heterosexual relationship. For example, if the stud wants to dominate the relationship but does not want to date women then she would turn to a gay submissive man for that satisfaction. Vice versa for the submissive gay man.
Honey Bii

What you say sounds like they might be enabling each other. That's make a lot of sense. Well, I've heard that they don't really switch roles I've heard that the fem gay guys are the ones to get strapped. I've asked that question because I've been seeing that a lot here in the ATL. I've looked for it on youtube and I found a lot of people been seeing that. I knew I wasn't losing my mind.

Thanks for answering my question

Switch roles meaning the dude gets strapped and the female is the dominant one. Exactly. They get the best of both worlds. 

Honey Bii


I would say my relationship with my girlfriend is different as well because she's a transsexual woman, and we don't 'switch roles.' I'm the man and she's the woman. Most people don't understand our relationship. I consider myself a straight guy because I'm attracted to women and trans women and not men & masculinity. To me, if a man is attracted to masculinity he's gay rather than genitalia to me, and vice versa. I know people will still label me as gay though, but not necessarily because most people see us as a straight couple when we are together. I know it's kinda complicated. 

Thanks for sharing. You do have a unique relationship. It's great that you don't get to caught up on labels. Do whatever makes you happy. Love has no sexuality or is specific to a gender. 

XOXO Honey Bii 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

She Has A 10 Year Old Son

Should I stay or leave?

Hey there,
I am such a supporter..you rockkkk..

a few questions..
- what do you do when a girl you've been talking to and really like for about 3 months..but she has no time for you because of her son (who is about 10yrs old) and shes a single mom....She has stood me up several times and Ive forgiven her, but im getting so discouraged, because I really like her, but not sure how much more I can take..what do you do, do you wait around and see if shes ever gonna have time for me or something else? I need your help!

Thanks so much for taking out time to help viewers like me

People make time for the things that are important to them. With that being said, don't think that you can come and automatically change their routine, Imagine if everyone that she dated she let change the lifestyle that she is creating for her son. I take that you are not a mother. I am not as well.

It is really important that you take the time to get to know this woman 100%. Her child is a major part of her.

Now to the question that is being asked... Should you leave/stay? I think that you should date casually, I understand that she has to make time for her son, but she also has to cater to your needs. It is unacceptable to be continually stood up. On the other hand you let her. You are setting a standard for how you want to be treated. Seeing someone for 3 months is a short time. Either is works or it does not. This is still supposed to be the honeymoon stage for the both of you. We have to learn to let go of unhealthy relationships.

XOXO Honey Bii 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vogue: Baltimore Pride 2011 Free Ball Competition

Inspired by Vogue magazine, voguing is characterized by model-like poses integrated with angular, linear, and rigid arm, leg, and body movements. This style of dance arose from Harlem ballrooms by African Americans and Latino Americans in the early 1960s. It was originally called "presentation" and later "performance."Over the years, the dance evolved into the more intricate and illusory form that is now called "vogue." Voguing is continually developed further as an established dance form that is practiced in the gay ballroom scene and clubs in major cities throughout the United States—mainly New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Miami, Detroit, and Chicago.
Formal competitions occur in the form of balls held by "houses"—family like collectives of LGBT dancers and performers. Some legendary houses include the House of Garcon, the House of Icon, the House of Khan, the House of Evisu, the House of Karan, the House of Mizrahi, the House of Xtravaganza, the House of Ebony, the House of Revlon, the House of Prodigy, the House of Escada, the House of Omni, the House of Aviance, the House of Legacy, the House of Milan, the House of Princess, the House of Pend'avis, the House of LaBeija, the House of McQueen, and the House of Ninja among others. ("Legendary" in ballroom terms refers to a house that has been "serving," that is, walking or competing on the runway, for twenty years or more.) The House of Ninja was founded by Willi Ninja, who is considered the godfather of voguing. Members of a house are called "children." Sometimes children legally change their last name to show their affiliation with the house to which they belong.

XOXO Honey Bii

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stay Out Of Your Friends Business

Dear Honey Bii,

Hope you are well. I have found your question/answer videos very insightful in the past, so thought why not write you with an issue my friend is having because I am at a loss of what to do. For the past two years, one of my closest friends (who self-identifies as a lesbian/hard stud) has been in a relationship with a woman who claims she is bisexual, but in my opinion is simply straight and sexually open when it benefits her. I hate identifying for others, but as a queer woman myself I take great offense to straight women who say they are bisexual, but will never be in a relationship with another woman or treat another woman with the same respect/boundaries with which they treat men who are interested/pursuing them. Basically, what it comes down to is this straight woman tells my friend that she is in love with her and they are best friends (that occasionally sleep together), but then is still actively looking for a man and sleeps with lots of men. She refuses to admit that my friend and her are in any sort of relationship, and has even told people that my friend is a 'crazy lesbian' at times in order to make it seem that their 'relationship' is all in my friend's head. This woman acts possessive and jealous of my friend and gets made if she is not prioritized- she calls my friend numerous times throughout the day just to say she loves her, even when she is on dates with men or has just slept with them. She also has accepted money and childcare on a regular basis from my friend and gets mad when my friend is unable to support her or help her out financially. Besides that, she always writes loves notes on her facebook and other public pages to make her presence known. Needless to say all of this is preventing my friend from meeting new women who are actually interested in dating her and not just using her.

This whole mess has been going on for two years and it has made my friend depressed, insecure, and a pretty un-fun person. She will have two week periods where she is fed-up and tries to break away from this straight woman, but then the woman will call her sobbing saying she misses her friendship and can't they just be friends. They will become 'friends' again and then if my friend doesn't show her enough attention the woman will sleep with her to basically reel her back in (in my opinion). I don't know if this woman is simply ridiculously insecure or manipulative or both, but at this point I do not care. No grown person, no matter how confused or unhappy they are with their own life should be able to treat another person as she does my friend. That being said, no adult should allow another person to use them so blatantly for years.

I don't know what, if anything, I can do. Me and her other close friends have tried to get some sense into her head, but she keeps going back to this woman no matter how awful she is treated. I tried to be supportive and just listen to my friend when she was upset time and time again, then I tried being honest and letting her know that after a certain point she really could only blame herself because this straight woman has been consistent and she is allowing herself to be used, but it has been two years and it is still happening! I know its harder when you are in these sort of situations, but this woman has never, and will never, actually date my friend and my friend is very traditional in that she wants a monogamous wife one day. What, if anything, can I say or do? I wish it didn't bother me so much, because i know adults need to be able to lead their own lives, but my friend has become obsessed and depressed and is no longer the great woman she was before getting involved in this whole mess. At times I wonder if we can still be good friends, which I know is shitty, but the whole situation is beyond ridiculous and I am losing respect for my friend which makes me feel guilty.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

XOXO Honey Bii 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stages Of Love

Here are the different stages of love that I have went through in my committed relationships.

XOXO Honey Bii

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cover Letter

Here is an example of an awesome cover letter...

Attention Human Resources:

It is an exceptional feat to walk into the boss’s office on an interview and solicit yourself.  In essence, that is what happens when I step foot into any position that I am applying for.  It is clear that my present supervisor’s have faith in my work ethic.  More importantly, they believe in my ability to develop both a meaningful and successful outcome. Additionally it has more to do with my endless enthusiasm for creating meaningful relationships that add value to both my company and clientele.

For the past five years I have had the pleasure of having a full time position in the workforce directly after graduating from college. I transition very well as both an insurance agent and a mentor with my degree in psychology.  It has been a rewarding experience working in both realms of the business.  However, I am seeking a higher level of responsibility and stability that I believe your company can provide. I anticipate relocating to your company to advance my career.  I also plan to pursue advanced insurance titles in the future.

As an addition to your team, I am confident that I can hit the ground running with little formal training.  I am a fast learner and quite detail oriented.  I adjust well to new environments and meet every challenge with wit and creativity. I have experience in sales, claims, event planning, project research and development and creating and executing various types of outreach initiatives. 

I would like to learn more about your organization and identify how my qualifications would be a great fit. I look forward to hearing from you.

Honey Bii

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Think My Girlfriend Is Cheating

OK I'm 32 w/ kids she is 31w/ kids we all live in the same house. Were two femms more so me she is. A very soft stud so she attracts a lot of woman OK right in the middle of our relationship when things were great she would take me and the kids out often buy me gifts random then she took a seasonal job @around Christmas time it was all good until she begin to literally sleep with her phone I brought her so I took a look @the bill just to find out that she was texting this young lady who she claim to have went to school with so. I Checked it out it was a lie so every since then I have been up tight when she leaves or is on _the. Phone there has been more then one incident with this same girl emails and secret meetings @ her Best friends house which makes me not trust her best friend now plus she's not gay and she always have something negative to say when we argue and my girl doesn't seem to think that's a problem that I don't really have anyone to vent _to because all my friends are single and straight so the frustration is heavy I recently packed up and left but two days later I'm back but it feels so strange we are not into each other like we were she's always on the phone with high-school friends I never met. Or online talking is almost nonexistent I love her and really want to fix things but when I watch your videos I just feel its over does she still want me ? oh and I have only been with two other woman sexually only but after dating her I'm not wanting to be with men any more but that's all that hit on me help honey BII plz

Honey B wrote:

Give me more information about the situation. What happened? What are your prior trust issues. I look forward from hearing from you :)
XOXO Honey Bii

Hi I really enjoy ur u tube videos and want to know how to forgive my partner.
Of 2 1/2 yrs for an alledge affair I haven't yet proved she cheated but I love
her and yes this is my first live in relationship with a woman I wanna move out
and get my own place but afraid because of the prior trust issues.

XOXO Honey Bii