Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Carol's Daughter Sold Us Out

Here are my thoughts on the new 2011 Carol's Daughter campaign.

XOXO Honey Bii 


  1. You should start a letter writing campaign and send in your video!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree! I've been using her products faithfully for some time now on myself and my daughter. Her marketing used to be representative of ALL women. That was the smart thing to do because women from all different races and cultures support her business. These marketing firms make me nauseous by their idea of depicting "ethnic" women in mass media. They are usually light skinned with long wavy hair. Its okay to have these women, as long as they have a brown-skinned and dark-skinned Sister, along with a Middle Eastern woman, and an Asian woman! That is true representation of Womanhood. She would then kill two birds with one stone...getting women of all backgrounds INTERESTED in your products as well as staying loyal to the women you represent...SMARTEN UP Carol's Daughter....

  3. So after more thought about this situation...I am a light/fair skinned black and puerto rican woman with super crazy curly corkscrew hair that is fine (texture wise) when pressed/ flat ironed. I have always fought to defend my "blackness" since elementary school and all the way through college. I am hurt when other black women criticize who isn't "Black enough" I love Black people of all shades and I love Most Puerto Ricans who also come in all shades and hair types. I understand where you're coming from in regards to representation "light=right" I am against that mentality...but come on LIGHT aint WRONG! I checked the website and this is JUST ONE of the campaigns being used. Mary J and numerous other Black and brown women are on the page! I just needed to vent because I would like to have hair care and body care products for my hair type and skin tone! I'm not sure though who this particular campaign is targeting CASSIDY???? Seems like Carol's daughter is trying to gain more of a following and showing women of different shades that products will work in their hair of a different "gradient"

    hope this makes sense I thought about this for awhile...

  4. carol's daughter sold her business to investors apparently...white investors..so I would suggest you buy your products from other black female entrepreneurs. There are plenty on youtube. You should know that blacks sell out for money. They care about dollars...not unity...that's why she waited till she had started marketing to non-blacks to start this crap...She used black women's money to stabilize her business and get attention and now she's gone...don't think you have to support her...bad blacks should not be supported...the next business owned by a black woman should...there are always better black women to buy from remember that...

    1. Lisa may have sold out her business, but please refrain from making such statements such as "blacks sell out for money". I do get what your saying. At the same time, the words we use to describe ourselves, and communicate with are often so full of self-hate. It doesn't get us anywhere speaking about ourselves this way, anymore then sisters like Lisa Price who turn our hard earned dollars into a trust fund for all white corporations.

  5. At the end of the day, it is Lisa Price who dreamed and then did the work to make her dreams come true. She labored day and night to breath life into and to grow her business. No one else. She should be able to sell the business that she created and grew without being called a sell out. I did not like the way that Solange was treated, however, being told to get rid of her natural hair, if that story is true.