Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I am a Lesbian woman. I came out to my children about years ago. They flipped out. It took awhile for them to deal with the fact that their mother is gay. I couldn't understand why they had a problem accepting me because a lot of our family is gay. ( fast forward) I came the other day and my daughter wanted me to meet one of her friends. So I walked into her room and I seen an "obvious lesbian" sitting in the chair. I almost hit the floor. I was confused, my daughter was the number one person protesting about me being gay. I just stood there and stared at this girl. When her company left I ask her what was the deal with the girl. She told me the girl liked her, I said to her but your not gay? right?. She said that her and the girl have been in a relationship for about a month. ( shocked again) I had a long talk with her and talked about the discrimination she will experience and etc, etc..

To be honest I don't like it at all, I'm confused and a little angry over her choice to be gay, but I know I Know you are saying I'm gay. I just don't understand why I have a problem with it. Please some advice with this. Also, I told her don't tell her siblings about this...

XOXO Honey Bii 


  1. The response:

    I viewed your response back to me.I want to say thank you. I just wanted to make point that I love my daughter and I told her that no matter who she is I will except her. I'm just shocked that she is gay because she was so against me being gay. I want to protect her from all of the hate that the world will " bring" her. I told her not to tell her brothers because they will treat her different. My mother doesn't even speak to me now,we use to be so close. I know that I should be ashamed of myself for feeling the way I do, I have no excuse, I just want to protect her from all of the hate she will get. I truly need to reevaluate my feelings. My love for her should be free. Thank you for your advice. I think that because my children gave me such a hard time. I don't want them to love her any different. My children packed their things and left home when I told them I was gay. So the first step is letting go of the guilt I feel because in some way I feel not totally excepted by them. My mother told me I was going to hell and she even went as far as to bringing the pastor from her church to my house.. I don't want my daughter to feel about me the way I feel about my mom. Once again thank you for you honest response:)

  2. It must be difficult not having a supportive mother. I am very fortunate that my mom supports me. Sorry hear your mother is that way towards you. It is obvious you love your daughter by asking advice in the first place. The thing is that you can't shield your daughter on how people are going to react. It's their choice to accept it or not.