Monday, June 20, 2011

She Has A 10 Year Old Son

Should I stay or leave?

Hey there,
I am such a rockkkk..

a few questions..
- what do you do when a girl you've been talking to and really like for about 3 months..but she has no time for you because of her son (who is about 10yrs old) and shes a single mom....She has stood me up several times and Ive forgiven her, but im getting so discouraged, because I really like her, but not sure how much more I can take..what do you do, do you wait around and see if shes ever gonna have time for me or something else? I need your help!

Thanks so much for taking out time to help viewers like me

People make time for the things that are important to them. With that being said, don't think that you can come and automatically change their routine, Imagine if everyone that she dated she let change the lifestyle that she is creating for her son. I take that you are not a mother. I am not as well.

It is really important that you take the time to get to know this woman 100%. Her child is a major part of her.

Now to the question that is being asked... Should you leave/stay? I think that you should date casually, I understand that she has to make time for her son, but she also has to cater to your needs. It is unacceptable to be continually stood up. On the other hand you let her. You are setting a standard for how you want to be treated. Seeing someone for 3 months is a short time. Either is works or it does not. This is still supposed to be the honeymoon stage for the both of you. We have to learn to let go of unhealthy relationships.

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