Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Are you your child's friend?

My best friend stated, "She barely likes being an adult!" With that being said, "Are you your child's friend"? Here is a couple of links that I want you to watch before my video response.





  1. What the HELL!!! Are you kidding me?!? How old is that little boy? I would have broke his neck with my bear hands and told the judge one day you'll thank me. This is exactly what I was just talking to you about parents afraid to guide, teach, and nurture their children.

    I believe this kid is much much worse in his real life. This woman needs a parenting bootcamp. Parents need to stop explaining so much to young minds who don't know how to process adult thought processess. Parents need to be consistent with discipline. Parents need to stop worrying about their kids feelings and teach them what and how to process feelings. Parents just need to be more willing to parent. It is a hard job for a reason you have to get over yourself everyday and show up for someone else who’s whole entire world is determined buy what you say, do, thin , and act on… this is exactly what I was talking about the other day

    I'll be transparent cuz I'm obviously pissed. My son recently went to the principal’s office 3 times in two-weeks and I literally had to convenience his father, grandmother, teachers, and principal that the situation needed some undivided interest and attention. Everyone kept saying it isn’t that bad… he’s okay, he’s not that out of control he just needs to express himself, etc… I said. HE IS MY SON AND HE WILL NOT NEED ANYONE OR ANYTHING EXTERNAL TO HIMSELF TO CONTROL HIM. HE KNOWS BETTER SO HE WILL DO BETTER PERIOD!!!! I told his teacher …STOP telling him you are his friend you are not you are his TEACHER. Talking back after you have been given an instruction is disrespectful period! Telling me (the parent) what you will and won’t do – grounds for a smack down! Showing yo arsh in school because you can’t seem to control yourself – oh hell no!

    Adults we are the adults for a freaking reason STOP letting children do the little things that seem cute at 4 because when they make it to 8 they’ll be slapping the hell out of you on national TV and then crying talking bout I need to live with someone else.

    Kids want boundaries! Kids want discipline! Kids want to be kids! Stop letting them make adult decision. I don’t even like making adult decisions and I am a freaking adult. That little boy didn’t know what he was talking about he was mimicking the way his mother explains herself. Its easy to copy someone it’s a hell of a lot harder to develop your own voice. That mom has a living breathing walking talking bad ass mirror to look into everyday she betta get it together

    Sidenote: *I get a lil hood when I’m upset, excited, frustrated etc…interesting

  2. I love the emotion that you are showing.

  3. So I just watch the second video...

    Dr. Phil,

    I should slap you.... that little boy is not a man!!!!!! This is a part of the gosh d$@#ndsljfjfa;lj PROBLEM!!!!!

    Dr. Phil you underminded any authority his mother could have had to move forward. That little boy is in for a world of trouble when he finally grows up because he is going to use his hands to force people to do what he wants people to do.

    I wish I knew how old he was because so many parents think their 6 and 8 years are far from this but your kids are just around the block... skating in on this terrible behavior! It is a learned behavior and that little boy thinks he is the authority in that house.

    Also people need to get up and get over what they are greiving about or do it privately and stop letting the life that happened to them stop them from living life ther presently having. I understand grief and lose is painful but that little boy think he is responsible for his mother's depression. She could have asked for help when his sister died. She feels guilty for being depressed around her son so she lets him do what the hell he wants. Now neither one of them no what to do.

    STOP IT INDULGING CHILDREN FROM A PLACE OF GUILT! So your not the perfect parent... so you missed a couple of important dates... so you slapped in the face a couple of times. At the end of the day that little boy is sitting in a big beautiful house, with food, and clothing everyday. Give yourself credit for that and stop feeling guilty about stuff you don't have any control over.

    Dr. Phil neither one of them know what forgiveness is so why would you wordplay with them #fool. And why would you have the mother go first?? #damnfool. At the end the little boy has learned nothing because no one talk to the little boy that talk to the fake arsh adult he pretends to be while nurses his mother's depression.

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo disappointing.

    What would I do you ask??????????

    FIRST:Give your son a HUG and tell him now sweetheart I'M ABOUT TO BEAT YOUR LITTLE ASS BECAUSE THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!

    SECOND: Get a belt and take it to the mattress. But spank the child with a happy whole heart so that he can understand that there are very real concequences to bad arsh behavior.

    THIRD: Pick up the phone and call a therapist and schedule an emergency session! Mom you need to learn healthy habits and boundaries

    FOURTH: Fix your child dinner, tuck him in at night, lay out his clothes, tell him you love him and *wash and repeat for the next 13 years

  4. My point exactly!!!! I said the same thing in my video...HE IS NOT A MAN!

  5. #Dead at FIRST:Give your son a HUG and tell him now sweetheart I'M ABOUT TO BEAT YOUR LITTLE ASS BECAUSE THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!

    lol. He needs a good old fashioned assssssss whoopin

    I love that you always reinforce how much you love the child. Well Stated.

  6. Kids CAN be friends with their parents. It's healthy. However, there is a balance that must be developed. Having respect for a parent doesn't take away the ability to develop a friendship with your child.

    My daughter and I will be great friends, but she will respect me at the same time. Giving her my stress? Too far. Including her on my financial problems? Too far. Giving her a voice? Not too far. Allowing her to have some sort of choice? Not too far. Arguing back and forth with me? Too far. Disrespectfulness? Too far. Friends? Necessary...in my opinion.

    Love you for your thoughts on parenting though. Many of them I can agree with. That's what friends are for...agreeing to disagree. :)

    Love you Honey Bii!