Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rainbows Rule The World

Did you know that the "gays" rule the world? You know the Lesbo's and the Queen's (snaps fingers)? I state this because of many reasons. I shall limit them to the top 10. Kinda like David Letterman.

1. You instantly have a best friend. Women can comb each other's hair and men can play X Box together.

2. You save money on contraception.

3. You have a higher disposable income.

4. You can focus on investing in things such as a home and luxury cars instead of children (if you choose).

5. You can watch Glee without guilty pleasure.

6. You understand that Oprah and Gayle are just best friends.

7.  The fashion world would not exist.

8. All the dad's that wish that they had and son/ all the mom's who wish they had a daughter can now be at ease.

9. Girl on girl pillow fights are every friday.


10. All of the legendary love songs where/are wrote by the "gays". This includes Luther Vandross as the former pact leader. His title is now a toss up between Chrisette Michele and Neyo.

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