Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear Honey B

Dear Honey B,

I am losing my perspective and fast approaching ghastly L words in my short 26 years… I’m lonely, lost, and a little unhappy.

Lonely in my relationships platonic and romantic. Lost in my vision, as I can’t seem to bring my dreams to reality. And a little unhappy because well those first two things are really important to me and I’m sucking at them right now!

But at last, you have agreed to guide me for the next 10 Days in the ways of the sweet sweet Honey B. What I hope for, more then anything is to gain perspective. A world can change with a change in perspective. Today, I agree to help you, help me, get back to me, being free.

Free to live out loud

Free to live in love

Free to exist and B… Me

Specifically, I want my boldness, my hope, and my freedom restored. I want the promise of bliss to manifest daily in my changed world. I believe in the power of positive thinking and a changed mind. Your advice is raw and your spirit is courageous. My mind is open and my heart is willing so let the journey begin.

Honey B followers get excited about the upcoming adventures and misadventures of the “Honey B Experiment”


Free Flowers

P.S. “It’s Friday and I ain’t got ish to do”. What would Honey B do?!?!? Oh I know, Bone!

To be continued…

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  1. This is amazing. So here are the details. Bold as she can be, Free Flowers has decided to conduct a little experiment for me. For 10 days she has to decided to do what we have coined: The Honey B Experiment. For 10 days she will follow the advice that I give her to live a happier life. Tomorrow I will post the details of DAY 1!!!!

    This will be a once in a lifetime experiment!