Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 2 With Free Flowers

I am waiting on the follow-up to Free Flowers day 1 of the Honey B Experiment. Here are a list of things that I want her to start each and everyday off with.

  • Wake up naked. She was instructed to sleep in the nude. The purpose was to feel free. I love sleeping in the nude.
  • Make up your BED. It is probably the simplest thing that you can do productively start your day. 
  • PUT ON CLOTHES. Not just any old outfit. An outfit that you would wear if you were meeting someone important. The purpose of putting on clothes is to feel great.
  • Look up a quote from Maya Angelou. Recite it.
  • Be productive. Plan each day. Routine equals stability.

On day 2

  •  I want the focus to be picking out a great book. Reading is too important. Please take the time out in your life to stimulate yourself with a good book. Since this is so important this will be the only task for today. 

XOXO Honey B

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