Friday, March 25, 2011

The Obvious Choice

It's all in the eyes. I am the type of girl that your girl will cheat on you with. I am the obvious choice. Just a tad bit rough around the edges, sexy, and still quite feminine. I am the ultimate secret crush. I am the one that catches your eye, but yet you are unsure of the mysteriousness behind me. I am charming.

I am the girl who is your girls best friend. Not only I am funny, but you want to hang out with me. You want to program my number in your phone. You want to add me to facebook and twitter. You want to take a picture of me so that you can save it and I pop up when you call.

I am the girl who your man/girl asks if you have a crush on. You do. I can see the way that you watch me. It's all in the eyes. I am the girl when we are in the club, there isn't a big deal that we dance with each other. It is 2011 right? I am the one who your girl tries to "drunk kiss". Alcohol is the truth serum.

I am the one who your girl finally succumbs to the whole idea of a threesome. It will never work. She is not doing this to satisfy your needs. I am the girl who you become uncomfortable with. I am the girl who you stop liking, but I have never crossed you. No worries.

Be careful what you wish for. Truth be told. I don't want your girl.

I am the type of woman that needs a woman that is comfortable in her own skin. I don't want sly glances from across the room. I don't want small talk in the bathroom. I don't need anymore "going out" friends. I definitely don't need anyone who is exploiting my lifestyle to scratch the itch that has been nagging them.

I am a confident, sophisticated, out of the closet type woman. So, in the future I will let her look. Maybe I will even entertain her advances. Her secret is safe with me.


  1. Here is the response that I got from Yvonne:

    I've been in a situation a little similar to this...and it was definitely a no go...but I think her secret got should do a blog on "You don't look like your gay"

  2. Wow, this is so true!!! Keep em coming Honey B!!!