Monday, March 28, 2011

Dear Honey B Day 1

To do List
1. Wake up Naked
2. Make my bed up
4. Mani and pedi
5. Research a Maya Angelou quote and read it out loud
6. Skip to the mailbox and check it
7. Release negative energy (write and recite my five current burdens then rip them up and throw them away)
8. Watch the Master Class – and write a reflection

#1 This task was fairly easy as I sleep naked 98% of the time

# 2 Ummm so I hate making up my bed. Does this make me lazy? Whatever it feels good to make my bed up. I live in a studio so my tidy bed makes my whole space feel clean.

#3 Much more challenging at my current weight. See recently I lost like 17 lbs (apparently stress has an inverse relationship with my body weight). So PUT ON CLOTHS was quite the challenge. I decided on a few key pieces which always seem to brighten my day. Gold leaf necklace (I love leaves if I could be any other of God’s creations I’d be a tree with beautiful leaves), a dress because they make me feel purdy, denim jacket because I’m a causal girl at heart, and black ridding boots you know too jazz it up a bit. Sunday Funday ensemble! I would be happy to meet my girlfriends, my Blues Brotha* or my kid in this outfit. Either way I’d be ready for fun fun fun

#4 Done!

#5 And Still I Rise: classic and pertinent to the internal turmoil which seems to be rising in my back and forth. See how I did that *smile (I cried when I recited this in the afternoon)

#6 I skipped to the mailbox in my clickity clack boots and felt all of 13 years old again. Nothing was in my mailbox … Cheers! NO BILLS

#7 Release negative energy… seriously, SERIOUSLY. Okay I’m calm now, if only it were this easy but obviously its not. So I wrote down my five burdens then I cried over them for about 20 minutes. I truly cried … I didn’t realize how much I was bothered by burden #1 and #4 until I wrote them down. I tried to rip the pages but my hands were too weak, so I waited for a bit then rip rip rip. I tossed them in the trash and threw the trash and the trash can in the dumpster! Then I skipped back to my mailbox and guess what was in it… NO BILLS

#8 OMGoodness Master Class, I missed this one but it been DVR’d and I will watch the program tomorrow.

So far so good Honey B. I help you, help me, be me. Day 1 done.

*Blues Brotha an important guy I’m doing things with who I’ll likely refer to with certain regularity as we’ve boned!


  1. Today has been a complete success! I am truly proud of you. Love the boots that you put on. I felt like buying a horse myself :)

    The only thing left is to watch the Master's Class. It was truly a great one.

    I am excited to see the book that you chose.

    -Honey Bii

  2. I love this!! Now I wanna do the Honey Bii Experiment too

  3. Kirsten, I WOULD LOVE THAT. <3 <3 <3

  4. Do you tailor it to each person specifically or is it a general program?

  5. I am tailoring it to the specific person. Some of the advice will be the same though. For example, making up your bed everyday. Basically, I am helping with weak points that you want to work on.

  6. hmmm I see, a phone convo is order, I'm definitely down for the experiment

  7. Thanks Honey B, you had me breakin down on the first day ... GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE.

  8. Very interesting Honey B! You're on the right track with this Experiment. Hope those who participate do well.

    jan l. #302UAA