Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear Honey B, Day 3

Dear Honey B, Day 3

1. Read my book
2. Call a friend
3. Remind myself of my goals
4. Skip to the Mailbox
5. Meditate or journal before bed

#1 Amazon has not delivered my book so this one is coming soon.

#2 I called a friend (Jen). It was spectacular!!! When I got to her apartment (my future digs), Superman (Josh) was there and he was painting her walls. I know it sound like I’m insinuating something but I’m not, Superman was painting Jen’s walls a turquoise color and I was captivated by the ease of it all. So, for an hour and a half I marveled at Superman go up and down, up and down until the entire room was painted a beautiful shade of turquoise. After that, we all got out the house and went to an amazing BBQ restaurant (Lillie’s) on Wolcott & North Avenue. We ate, we laughed, and we drank! It was so much fun!!!!

#3. Reflecting on my goals for the Honey B Experiment I feel confident in my decision to set them and reach them over the next 10 days. At first I thought it would be impossible to achieve what I wanted but, so far in following Honey B’s advice I’ve realized these goals have always been within reach. I just got lazy about my life. I started waiting for things to happen instead of getting and making things happen in my life. Four days in to our experiment and I am in awe at how little things have transformed my life. For example making my bed every morning not only starts my day off right but it gives me comfort and security at night. When I leave my house in the morning it’s tidy and when I come home and climb into the bed (naked) at night; my pillows are fluffy, my sheets are crisp and my comforter is rapturous. Every night I get to start over again. New day… new opportunity. Beautiful... just beautiful.

#4 Okay so the mailbox thing is growing on me since I’m skipping and all *smile. Funny thing is my Pastor said in a recent sermon that we should stop accepting things in the mail that don’t belong to us. He literally said “hit that piece of mail with a return to sender label and be done with it”. I release my old fear of my mailbox because now I can and will hit that piece of mail with a return to sender label and be done with it. Thanks Pastor Martin, Thanks B.

#5 I journal pretty much every night so tonight I will meditate on how I am going to accomplish the tasks outlined in day 4.

Stay tuned…

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