Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear Honey B, Day 6

Task List

1. Party like a fawking ROCKSTAR
2. Wear some bad ass shoes and work it girl *no panties

My sweet sweet Honey B this is exactly what I am talking about. Getting to the fun fun fun…pausing on the deep stuff here and here and swimming in shallow waters. Upward and onward toward ABSOLUTE madness and oh happy days! First things first no jealous chickens allowed! This night was about me and me only so my crew had to be bad, bold, and beautiful. Mission accomplished as I went out with my girls @Diva_Bri and @ OMG_its_Steph. Badass shoes were suggested so I went with my BADASSS Steven Maddens, thanks Steve you’re a gem! Then there were the FAWKING Rockstar drinks, Goose Rocks and Patron Shots oh my! I’d be remised if I didn’t mention that the menz involved in my ROCKSTAR evening included a rare breed of 6 foot 5 inches or taller ball players (and by ball players I mean professional ball players) from around the country!

We started out at a private event hosted by [insert ball player] at Le MEze and were quickly escorted to VIP. Once nestled in our dimly lit section, drinks were offered by an attentive waitress (seriously she did a great job). “I’ll have a Goose on the rocks with a lemon please”. Followed by a Patron shot no lime bytches!!! I started dancing and then it was like every song was my soooooooooooooong! How did the DJ know I don’t keep up with music so he need only play a mix of the top 10 and then anything from 1995 to like 2002 and I can sing along! THROUGOUT the night I found myself completely void of any inhibitions. At one point in the evening this conversation occurred…

Me: [dancing dancing]

Random Dude: [grabs my ROCKSTAR waist] and says “You ma Queen, I own this!" [referencing my gluteus maximous]

Me: “You Don’t Own Shit!”

Random Dude: “Okay okay lets start over..”

Me: “Okay okay lets start never”!

Random Dude: “Why you being so difficult

Me: [intense eye contact] “Cuz I’m a FAWKING ROCKSTAR!” [takes PATRON shot then poses for several pictures]

Fast forward to the after hours spot and I’m drunk. Pull up to the club leave a couple hundreds at the door and enjoy enjoy enjoy. My only blunder the whole evening was this run in I had with an ice cube. The ice cube won as I landed flat on my ass with my legs crossed. How? I don’t flippin know. I don’t even remember getting up on my own. All I remember is being swooped up by two big men and I was back on my feet walkin-it-out! AAAAAAAAAAAaayeeeeeeee!!!! It was like it never happened except it did *tee hee.

Breakfast was next, then several number exchanges, dates made and 40 minutes of sleep. #boom pow. My night was over and it was time to go to work.

All in all Honey B, this was an incredible night. I realized that having a ROCKSTAR night needs to be the rule and not the exception. Doing ROCKSTAR things wasn’t about letting myself go so much as it was about being myself. I FLIRT like a FAWKING RoCKSTAR cuz I’m a Gemini and this ish turns me on! I dance like a FAWKING RoCKSTAR cuz I don’t really care what anybody else thinks. I drink like a FAWKING RoCKSTAR cuz well have we met… My name is Free_Flowers!

It was great to be reminded of these facts! Here are a few more for those of you trying to keep up.


1. I drink ma GOOSE on the ROCKS and get fist bumps from ball playas
2. I ROCK a bald head beautifully
3. Big ROCKS and shiny things make me happy
4. I ROCK to my own beat in VIP
5. I like ma eggs over hard…FAWKING RoCKSTAR!

1. I wore panties
2. I didn’t fall at all
3. The paparazzi couldn’t find me
4. You da only one
5. The next day I did that ish again!


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