Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Inbox Questions from Bii-Lievers

This is an actual Dear Honey Bii letter:

Hey Bii! whats up with you? I was on the blog site and by the way I really love it.  Glad you created it. The sex toys videos are crazy!!!!  Well here is what I am going through with this woman.  I have been messing with this chick since like September and it started ok we vibed in every way.  The meat of it is that she tells me she wants to be with me and all that.  She loves me but my problem is that I want to be all about her but she can't seem to leave this other bitch alone.  I just don't know how to let this shit go with her.  I get tired of her wanting to be around when she wants and steady telling me oh she(talking about the other girl) don't want me contacting you, yet still she calls me and all that.  I know you probably think I'm stupid as hell, its just I love this girl for real.  I didn't expect to fall for her but i did.  I say to myself like why do you put yourself through this shit.  She must care more about this chick than me because she cares about what she thinks, and what she sees and all that.  I mean we got into it real bad because she said out her mouth everybody knows I have 2 bitches. What should I do Bii!........

While you are healing, listen to this cd.

XOXO Honey Bii


  1. Great Advice ... can you elaborate on the idea that if the honeymoon stage is terrible then the rest of the years will be full of terrible too...

    I mean I get it... but what about love and time and hope etc

  2. The idea that if the honeymoon stage is terrible then the rest of the years will be full of terrible is simple. To elaborate, the honeymooon stage should be the best part of the relationship. Everything should be fun and easy going. For the most part people are usually on their best behavior in the beginning. This is because they want to impress you. So, if they are acting a plum ass fool off jump then you need to walk away. They will continue to act the same way. You cannot change peoples innate character.