Monday, April 4, 2011

Education 101: How To Hook A Stud

Ladies here are 5 Things that you must do to hook a stud!
  1. Be a Femme
  2. Learn how to take the strap
  3. You must cook and do their laundry
  4. Become their best friend
  5. Have a baby


  1. There are 62 reasons why I can't get enough of your video blogs...

    reason #61 those freaking glassess... hahahahahaha

    reason #4 because you keep slippin and saying Me and I like etc

    reason #1 your face is priceless when you start telling details about stuff

    hahahahah alalalal

  2. I can't get over "wash her panties" i LOVE HOW YOU EQUATE WASHING DIRTY DRAWS WITH BUILDING TRUST. lmfao....this may be one of the most hilarious video blog posts, I have experienced....WOW!

  3. :) I am glad that you enjoyed the post Felicia!

    Yes, washing dirty that ain't yours=trust everyday.