Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Typical Question: Have U Always Been Gay?

what are u trying to honest..

to be a voice that is neglected

why u

I dont see to many positive black gay women that are open...why not me

i mean i guess u have always been vocal. have u always been gay?

I love it the same way you love photography. I have always been attracted to women

im not knockin u by no means just curious

I just wasnt 100% comfortable. I understand

i know u always used to say stuff bout women


i used to get turned on by that ish

LMAO leave it up to you to get freaky

glad u found your glow...time to make it BRIGHT...

I plan on it. thanks so much again. ttyl*

PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!. dont lose that booty

It's here forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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