Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Inbox Questions from Bii-Lievers: Blessings

Honey Bii,

I'm writing because I hope you share this with your followers or even just Free Flowers who is doing the Honey Bii Experiment!  I have decided that every day this month I want to be a blessing to someone in some sort of way.  It can be through words, a compliment, change for a homeless person, an extra hug, a casual conversation with someone that looks stressed...some way, I want to purposefully be a blessing.  I think we always want blessings and we want happiness but aren't willing to go out in the world and create those same things for others.  It should be at the TOP of our to-do lists. We aren't living in this world alone.  We feed off of everyone's energy in this big wide world we live in--why not create as much positive energy as possible?

So...today, I sent a message to someone everyone hated in HS and basically told her she was beautiful.  I told her I saw favor in her life.  And I told her I hoped I could build her up the way everyone wants to tear each other down nowadays.  She was random.  Someone I picked out of the hat.  Tomorrow I will do the same thing, in a different way, with a different random person.  At the end of my message I finished it with a scripture and I asked her to pay it forward.  Be a blessing to someone else.  I'm hoping to start a movement. I want this to be a part of who I am.  I know I'm nice and I usually get along with everyone but I want this to be so much of a habit that it becomes what I breathe.  Be a blessing in order to actually get a blessing.  Pay it forward.  Positive out, positive in.

I love you.  I hope you share.  This is a moment that HAS to take place.  I'm sure your blog can be what catapults it to the highest of heights.


P.S.  Be a blessing daily

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  1. This is an amazing message that everyone should pay attention to. Imagine if everyone did this for another person everyday? There would certainly be a lot more kinder spirits. Bravo to you for inspiring me.