Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Inbox Questions from Bii-Lievers: Pillow Princess

Letter from Bii-Liever:

Hi Honey!!!

First let me say that I really enjoy your youtube channel and your blog! I have a question/need some advice! I am a female who recently started dating females. I've really only dated 3 women seriously. Most people would consider the woman I am dating right now a stud. We've been dating for about a month and a half. She is fresh out of a relationship and we've already discussed the fact that she is not ready to be in another one. I'm ok with how things are going right now, but am unsure how long it will last. (That's another story) We enjoy eachothers company and the sex is wonderful, but since I'm a "newbie" she has taken it upon herself to "do all of the work". She has never been with a man and has no interest in being penetrated, I toally respect that. However, she is into receiving oral pleasure....ok....I've never done it...help!!! I have no idea where to start, porn isn't helping, I don't really have any one to ask. When I try to ask her she says "just do what I do to you, without sticking ur fingers or tongue in me"...ummmmmmmm what? 
Help meeeeeee!


  1. I've listened to this like a 1000 times and I love how you are actually helping this girl help herself and her relationship.

    and this part is just priceless...
    (apple jacks and some pops back there but I'm not gone eat those I'm just gonna blog)

    *hhahahahaahahjladlal ROTFL

    This blog is going to get me fired from too much LOL

    Very informative too!!!!!

  2. Thank you many times Free_Flowers. This is my calling!!!!!!!!

    I am so very humbled that I am able to help people in any sort of way that I can.