Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 6 With Free Flowers

Daily Routine:

  • Wake up naked. She was instructed to sleep in the nude. The purpose is to feel free. I love sleeping in the nude.
  • Make up your BED. It is probably the simplest thing that you can do productively start your day.
  • PUT ON CLOTHES. Not just any old outfit. An outfit that you would wear if you knew that you were meeting someone important. The purpose of putting on clothes is to feel great.
  • Look up a quote from Maya Angelou. Recite it.
  • Be productive. Plan each day. Routine equals stability.

Now on to day 6. 

  • Party like a fawking ROCKSTAR. This is date night. It is important to pick a date that knows that tonight is all about you. No if's and's or but's. Tonight is not a night for the jealous hearted. You are going to be the center of attention. Just in case people don't notice, you will visually remind them with that dazzling smile of yours. 

  • Wear some bad ass shoes and work it girl. Make sure that the cut it fresh, the panties are skimpy (if you wear any), and you have on a bad ass outfit. It is your night to be carefree. It is your night to be 26. You are only 26 once right?

  • When you are arrive at your date's face ask them, "Don't I look great and how do I smell?"

  • When you order you meal make it the sexiest meal that you have ever seen!


  • No mixed drinks tonight. Fawking Rockstars drink martini's.

  • GO OUT TO DANCE------------> Tonight is a celebration of all that you accomplished this week. 

  • End the night with however you want it. WINK WINK. Be safe. 
XOXO Honey Bii

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